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Research Reveals Strong Links Between Health and Ecology
There is a demonstrable link between our individual health, and the health of our planet, according to a just-published study by thirty-six prominent authorities. The authors, drawn from the top ranks of medicine, education, theology, psychology, business and the social sciences, cite many scientific studies, medical case histories, and personal experiences that illuminate the connection.

One such study, described by best-selling author Larry Dossey, M.D., divided subjects visiting a fertility clinic in Seoul, South Korea, into two groups. One group was prayed for; the other was not. The study, performed by Columbia Medical School in New York, was a triple-blind study, meaning that the doctors and patients in Seoul did not even know that a study was going on. The data revealed that the prayed-for group had twice the success rate after in vitro fertilization as the group not prayed for. Studies done by Dr. Bernard Grad in Canada, Sandra Ingerman in the U.S., and Dr. Maseru Emoto in Japan have revealed similar dramatic effects of prayer in cleaning up pollutants in the environment, and increasing the fertility of plants.

These ideas are collected in a new book entitled Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves (Elite Books, April 2005, $25, Other contributors include Deepak Chopra, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, and actress Daryl Hannah. Dawson Church, the award-winning editor of the anthology, observes, “We’ve always suspected a connection between our individual wellness and the health of our global ecosystems. Healthy people can’t thrive on a sick planet. What this book does is show, for the fist time, what some of the precise mechanisms are by which the two are connected.”

As well as drawing on some of the latest data available, Church includes inspirational essays from such luminaries as the Dalai Lama, Ram Dass, and religious historian Huston Smith. Approaching these problems from a deeply personal and intuitive standpoint as well as a rational one, this book celebrates an historic shift of our global culture, showing how hard science and deep mysticism ultimately deliver the same answers to both our personal health dilemmas and our pressing environmental malaise.

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